Danai Hotel & Spa **** (Pieria - Katerini)

Danai Hotel & Spa

Olympic beach or otherwise know as katerinoskala. In the heart of the coastal pierian region, along the coasts of mount olympus, the unique resort and spa center ‘danai’ is a new and very promising suggestion, for moments of exceptional/unique relaxation. hotel danai which is situated near the serene/calm waters of the thermaikos gulf is a combination of warm greek hospitality and of unique architecture.


Olympic beach is situated in the heart of pieria and belongs to the city of katerini. Olympic beach is connected to the coast of paralia by a well-lit seaside avenue, with a parallel bike route and pedestrian walkway for evening walks and unforgettable mornings.


Olympic beach is just 8 kilometers from the city center of katerini. Access is very easy from the national motorway e75 [exit/junction katerini], by the coastal provincial road neas agathoupolis-olympiaki akti [olympic beach] and by train [get off at the train station of katerini].


Olympic beach is an endless sandy beach which strecthes on for many kilometers with fine, clean sand and shallow waters.