Case Study - Βranding

From the moment that the Thessaloniki Tourism Organisation reopened, the city was found to be lacking both a communicable identity and an overall strategic branding as a destination. This resulted in a low awareness of Thessaloniki abroad and therefore a limited number of foreign visitors. The exact number of visitors was much lower than to be expected for a city of this type.


In an attempt to update the profile of the city and to confront the issue of how the city is promoted as a destination, starting from scratch, the consortium Brandexcel – Calibri was commissioned to prepare the study on the new city branding, which was to be completed in two phases.


Firstly, the need to create a new face for the city through an extensive process of development and the use of questionnaires, leading to a new logo, sign and tagline and secondly the requirements of a specific branding plan in order to present and promote the new identity was made clear to the consortium.


Thessaloniki is mainly an urban destination. It is one of the most historically significant as well as the most beautiful cities in Greece, with a multi-faceted culture. It is a city alive with memories. The historical traditions, cultural heritage and natural beauty of the city coexist harmoniously with the modern infrastructure and the numerous choices that are on offer here. All of the special features and the comparative advantages that make up the profile of the ideal destination are to be found here.


The aim of the branding programme for Thessaloniki was the creation of a strong and independent identity to raise its awareness and thereby the number of international visitors to the city as well as to contribute to the blossoming of the region’s economy.


The New Brand


The important modern day values of the brand for Thessaloniki are;

  • Well being
  • Hospitality
  • Recreation – the entertainment and exhilaration that are on offer.
  • Uniqueness of the location – on the seafront with views of Olympus.


The identity of Thessaloniki is based on the slogan “Many stories, one heart” which communicates the historical and multicultural aspects of the city. Thessaloniki has unique stories and experiences to narrate. Today Thessaloniki is united with one vision and one heart for the city and its visitors.


The logo of Thessaloniki is a heart. A heart made out of mosaic that symbolizes the past, the history and the hope for the future.